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Inside the tannery


All our leathers are hand-crafted using traditional methods passed down through seven unbroken generations. It is a process that doesn't readily lend itself to automation, as each skin is individual and has to be treated with idividual respect. Every skin will be handled more than twenty times(each time a different operation).The process cannot be rushed and will take more than four weeks from start to finish. The end result is, of course, worth the effort, like a fine wine or a malt whisky.

Fine leather, however, does not need to be consumed to be appreciated, lasting for well over a hundred years. There are less than half a dozen tanneries left in Scotland, and this tannery is the only one processing wild Scottish deerskin. The skins are collected from the gamedealers around Scotland who produce venison using culled deer from the various estates. All skins are traceable and come from estates using fully-trained, registered stalkers, monitored by the Deer Commision For Scotland, an organisation with whom we have a very close working relationship.